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[vc_column_text]chrisbattenThe better your story the more you’re going to appeal to your market! We are all so naturally susceptible to stories, simply because the way our brains are wired we value stories above anything else. Stories can and should be incorporated into all forms of content. Blogs, Visual files, Papers, Manuals, Books Web Content and particularly the ‘About Page’ which will often be the page most visitors will choose to view.

Stories should also be used for marketing and sales activities too. Great stories, which are well constructed, will make exceptional presentations for general use. Great stories can, and do, help in the overall development of your business. Create greater brand understanding and value and also enhance and grow your reputation.

Stories turn your readers into leads and your leads into customers. If you use your professionally produced stories in the right way it turns customers into loyal customers. Change the way people feel about our brand, create greater engagement and value.

You can lose nothing by talking to me about a great story. The story of your journey and the story of your brand. A great story can be used time and again on line, offline and as the back-drop to video and film.  Let’s talk soon…


Your brand is not so much what you say; it’s what your customers feel, what they believe and say about you…

[vc_column_text]Your brand story is a comprehensive picture comprising facts, feelings, and interpretations. That means that part of your story will not be told by you but by your customers. My role is to work with you to develop the right story throughout your business. The results will be sustainable results and a brand that is loved by your customers because of how it makes them feel. It all starts with you story…

Have these 6 key tips to a great story on me, but never underestimate the value of a professional writer to assist you in the journey:

Rule 1 – Keep to the 5 c’s  – Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations, and Conflict.

Rule 2 – Don’t brag, relate to your audience.

Rule 3 – Light a fire in the emotional side of your audience’s brain.

Rule 4 – Let your words turn-on and engage the readers or viewers senses.

Rule 5 – Don’t get bogged down in detail.

Rule 6 – Give your audience what matters.

Rule 6.5 – Call Chris and talk it through…[/vc_column_text]

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