Winking In The Dark

A few years ago I wrote a short book about on and offline marketing and how the world had changed. I wrote about how it was no longer good enough to do things the old way, interruption techniques don’t win hearts and minds and if we were going to make progress we would need to be communicating directly with our customers demonstrating our expertise. Providing them with what they needed, direct to their desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

That view is still relevant and still needs to be fully embraced by business large and small. Things are always on the move and technologies are certainly keeping us on our toes. We increasingly live in an ‘Opt-In’ world, where people can scroll, change channels and take other actions to avoid your marketing messages.

Stop burning money

My repeating message in the book, it was called ‘Winking In The Dark’, by the way, was that advertising was not the same as marketing and that we need to stop burning money of activities that just didn’t work! Today I am even more active in this area, specifically helping out with the hot topics relating to brand storytelling.

I have been talking quite a bit to businesses about this subject and it’s interesting to note that many, not all, but enough to motivate me to put my fingers to keyboard and write about it, still don’t really understand how deep brand story must go. It is certainly not just a written story or a video clip, although both of those will help. Brand Story is not a set of smart taglines and slogans, although they also help.

How deep is your love?

A true and hardworking brand story will be evident at the very foundations of the business, it will be evident in the copy online and off. It will be evident in product information and every interaction with your clients and prospects. A great brand story will change how people feel and think about you. It will show your love of the business and those that buy from you. It will create enduring relations and loyalty. That is why it is so important to have a great brand story that can be seen in everything you do.

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