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Mind The Gap - A book that will show you the habits and values that create exceptional results for business

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The Business Alchemist Series

Looking at most aspects of business and personal development, the books of Chris Batten make up a library of timely and useful ideas and opinions to help focus you on your mission and goals

Sales & Marketing

Two important areas of business, a key to sustainable results. Explore the latest thinking, new ideas and alternate views on how to get exceptional results

Business and Management

Learn about my 10 key elements of exceptional business and how to use them for success. Learn the art of leadership and improve your emotional intelligence.

Personal Development

Learn how to make yourself and those around you more valuable to your business and improve performance, build great habits, great teams and great results.




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Chris Batten

Chris Batten

A book’s a dream that you hold in your hand. Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

Hi, I am Chris Batten, I think you have to be a little crazy to write books, but what can I say it’s a passion that motivates me, there is something special in knowing that the words I write will help someone, somewhere.

All my books come from a lifetime of experience and learning from the Armed Forces to my time as CEO on both sides of the Atlantic, my books also come from my engagement with others, not least my fellow Rainmakers in The Rainmakers Club.

All my books are designed to help others, to really help you need to understand life and understand what it means to be human.  The life I have lived is reflected in all the content of my books. My hope is that you not only enjoy reading them but that your personal and professional development is positively impacted as a result.


Talking Sales Alchemy

Our Readers Say

What I like most about the books Chris comes up with is you can almost hear him talking, they are written in a no nonsense and entertaining style.

Blog post & news

News, views and general chit chat about books, writing, development and all things Chris Batten and Rainmakers Club

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Advantages of appointing a Non-executive directors

I want to look at the advantages of non-executive directors. There are many advantages for such an  appointing to your…


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I am always happy to hear from those who read or are interested in my books so please do get in touch. You can also connect with me in the Rainmakers Club

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