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A little about my books…

[vc_column_text]chrisbattenMy books focus on business skills, my hope is they will be used by people who are looking for inspiration or who want to develop their skills, maybe even help others to develop theirs. Many of the subjects I cover are related to soft skills, rather than technical and general principles rather the academic or technical textbooks.

I have always written, enjoying the creative process. There is nothing better than creating worthwhile content and turning that content into readable and valued books. In the early days, it wasn’t about writing books, although that was always a goal to be achieved. Early on it was the buzz I got from writing entertaining training materials while serving in the army and then later in business.

My first book, and in all honesty probably the hardest to write, was designed to help employees to become more valuable to the business for whom they worked. I called it ‘Mind The Gap’. The title was referring to the gap between average and exceptional behaviour and habits at work. I wrote this after a rather tumultuous time as CEO for a business that headquartered both in the UK and the USA.

My second book looked at the new world of PR and media, and how with new technologies the small business could compete equally with the major brands when it came to online marketing. I called it ‘Winking In The Dark’ – subtitled ‘Rainmakers Do It With The Light On.’ My current book is called ‘Sales Alchemy’, you may even be able to guess what that’s all about. All three books are also available as workshops or shorter TED-style presentations. All books are available from me (signed copies) or if you prefer available on Amazon, iBooks, and Kindle.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Sales Alchemy is designed for business owners, employers, employees, business students and, for that matter, anyone looking to develop their understanding of business and interested in personal development and abilities to sell. This book is about developing, or reminding you of your sales skills and to help you develop some really great business traits.

Everyone in business needs to sell from time to time and it you’re a business leader selling skills are essential. Understanding how to sell, really well, will enhance your communication skills, grow your business and give you a means of earning a living for life. It will also earn you many friends along the way.

Developing a business is part art and part science. It’s about many individual skills working in unison; it’s about taking new knowledge and manipulating it to fit your style and character, as well as the character of the business. It’s about your willingness to take heed of others, learn the lessons, use their experience in conjunction with yours and about learning from your mistakes. Better still learning from other people’s mistakes; that will save you time and money, of that I am sure.

You can buy this book here or contact me, below, for a signed copy…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]

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