Writing, Business, and brand storytelling, my three great passions, merged to create my perfect job…


If you’re interested in standing out from the crowd. If you want to tell a compelling brand story, one that gets you noticed, then you’ve come to the right place! Let me help you in the construction of compelling brand stories and other innovative content. All designed to get you noticed. I am passionate about the construction of compelling brand stories. I am here to assist you with the development of your brand story and content. My aim is to create more opportunities for your business and to assist the development of your reputation.

There is so much more to a brand story than many understand and it’s my mission to help create great results for you. Anywhere you need the written word, I can help, if not the actual writing, then certainly as an editor and valued outside adviser. You may have the desire to launch a book relating to your business, to create more interest or customer loyalty. You may want some ideas for a speech or presentation. You may simply need some fresh ideas, perhaps for social media content, to drive lead generation. Perhaps it’s time to renew some web content or start a focussed blog campaign. Whatever the project I am here to help, and share my passion for writing, designed to inspire action.


I look forward to connecting and talking with you soon.

The Story Behind Your Brand

Building a compelling story to illustrate your brand to the waiting world

You’ll be much more engaging to the world outside your business, armed with a story. Help create an even greater differential with a compelling, entertaining and educational brand story from Chris Batten…

The Book Of Your Journey & Brand

Promoting your business, winning hearts and minds, selling your products and services, through the story of your development

I love writing, I can help you take your brand story to the next level, via the creation of a book about your journey and brand development.

Getting Technical

Keeping people that matter, informed with technical and procedure manuals reflecting your brand personality

Just because some of us need to have manuals for compliance, operations and procedures, just because sometimes we need technical documents; it doesn’t follow that they can’t be entertaining and a reflection your brand, while still educating…

Something To Shout About!

Spread the good news, demonstrate your expertise with blogs, articles, press releases and social media posts

Generating interest, keeping your world up to date by delivering your message and information, your world will want to know. delivering it directly to their Desk-top, Tablet of Smartphone…