Please stop selling to me!

Please stop selling to me!

Introduction to my Rant

Not what you’d expect from a self confessed sales junky like me! Of course being a sales junky is not what it may first appear to be. It simply means I like the skills used for selling, I like talking about them, discussing them and practicing them too. Some of my best presentations and short talks are about sales. In my version of reality, everyone is a sales person, they just don’t realise it. As I point out in my book,’Sales Alchemy’, selling is nothing more than communication done particularly well.

When I say stop selling to me, I am referring to the 5 to 10 calls I get each day where the person on the other end of the phone has no clue about the rules of successful sales. They have no interest in building anything, refuse to be interrupted from their script, ignoring all that is being said to them, rather just listening for the gap so they can start their script again. Jesus, if I had hair, I would be pulling it out!

My Plea – You can be better

So in the vein hope one of them might happen upon this site, or may see this posted to LinkedIn or FaceBook – Please stop selling to me! Instead be bold, be different, treat me the way you would want to be treated. You could even follow the ten rules of selling that I follow, and have written about in ‘Sales Alchemy’, other professionals have their own versions too. They are not that different from mine. That’s because they all feel the same way as me, the rules are simple and they work!

Rule 1 – People not products – Concentrate on the people not the products, because people in general will buy from people they like!

Rule 2 – People don’t like being sold to, but love to buy – Don’t sell create an environment in which people want to buy from you.

Rule 3 – A sale will always be made – It’s just communication and there will always be an outcome. Either you’ll sell a yes or they will sell a No.

Rule 4 – Always be prepared – Never make a sales call without doing some research first, it saves you from asking dumb questions!

Rule 5 – More sales will be made through friendship than salesmanship – Just take some time to get to know the people first, trust comes before a sale, failure comes from closing too early.

Rule 6 – Have a great elevator pitch – You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure its a good one. Create curiosity not a sale. It’s great when they ask you, rather than you asking them!

Rule 7 – Get them thinking as if they already have the product – Tell a great story to illustrate the features advantages and benefits, don’t use statistics, facts and figures – boring!

Rule 8 – Practice everything – Selling is communication at its best and to be the best you need to practice all the time. Then practice some more!

Rule 9 – Always close – Actually if you’ve done it right they will close you. The close doesn’t have to be the sale it can be a step toward the sale, just make sure it’s in your favour.

Rule 10 – Control the journey – do this by listening and responding appropriately, you’ll win more that way I assure you.

Oh and a late entry, if you’re one of the callers I referred to – Rule 10.5 – If you’re not gonna follow the rules don’t call me!

Phew I’m glad I got that off my chest. More on this can be found in my book Sales Alchemy. See you next time

Chris Batten