Planning a Great Business


  • Publisher : Jononi Publication
  • Publish Date : October 18, 2016
  • ISBN-10 : 0236547851
  • ISBN-13 : 2547810321560


Often when people talk about creating a business plan we immediately think about the traditional formal business plan, you know the ones that nobody reads more than once and spends its entire useful life in a draw or on a computer hard drive. Although formal business plans have many uses we want to look at then bigger picture of  business planning in general and its significant value to businesses of all shapes and sizes and stages of development.

I may not hold the most popular opinions when it comes to the subject of business planning but it’s an opinion that has been formed over many years of direct experience. It is my view that too much emphasis is placed on how to write a formal business plan and how to make it look great and nowhere near enough emphasis on the actual process of planning.

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