Freelance writing services for businesses and other organisations

Certainly read this brief introduction to the range of services that I can offer you as a freelance writer, but for best result simply give me a call and discuss your ideas directly with me. Creative and well designed content can make all the difference to the outcome of your project. The items below are only a brief example of some of the work I can undertake for you:

Your Brand Story – Your brand story should appear everywhere, helping in your promotion efforts as well as to win hearts and minds. When I work on the story of your brand I apply the first two rule of selling (according to my book Sales Alchemy), the first refers to concentrating on people not products and the second reminds us that be pole don’t like to be sold to. That is why a brand story works so well to attract people to your brand and encourage them to want too buy.  Then there are a few other rules I apply to this area of creative marketing with words; In general people will be attracted by how you make them feel, not what you are selling. So give me a call and lets start work on creating your exceptional brand story.


Web content – Generally speaking people seem to spend so much more time on the design, look and feel of their website than they do the content. If you ask most web designers what the most difficult phase of, or what holds up the launch of a new website the most, they are likely to say the content. There is more to content than selling and there it certainly isn’t about filling in the spaces between the various design elements. The content should take the visitor to your site on a journey that culminates in the desire to take action. The magic, pulling the habit out of the hat, is linking well written relevant content to the search terms you wish to be found for. Think content, think story, think story, think SEO.


Blogs, Articles, Technical Manuals & Books – Those who know me best will understand my passion for writing is at the top of my list. Not what you’d expect if you knew my background! Nonetheless, writing is what motivates me. So if you want help with regular or one-off blog posts, to boost your reputation, brand image, lead generation or perhaps to demonstrate your expertise to the world, then I can help. I have written and published in many national and international magazines for my clients. I am also just as at home writing technical papers and manuals. I have even written brand based books for distribution to the customers and prospects of my clients.


Marketing materials – The range of items, both on and offline that can be generated in support of your marketing strategy is endless. Many of these items share one common theme, they will rely on words as well as graphics. Even if it’s only a slogan or catch-phrase. Reaching for the stars with your marketing should not be something that only the big budget companies take advantage of. So whatever the project, when you think about being creative with the design, don’t forget about the power of words and bring them into the design journey too! As a freelance I am able to work directly with you or with your existing agency as a team to produce the right results for your needs.


Presentations & Speeches – I know many people don’t enjoy standing in front of an audience and talking. With practice and great material it becomes more and more enjoyable. I personally really enjoy the entire process of public speaking. From the planning, through writing to delivery. It seems to me the better the content and the better you know that content the easier giving speeches and presentations become. In my own journey I have discovered the power of the story over the dry death by powerpoint and statistics. I guess I follow the TED format more than the more traditional presentation model. For great presentation or speech content, you need look no further.


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